A steady hand, a cultured eye and never too far away from a cup of tea.

Products are the end result of a detailed creative process. They show the inspiration

and heart poured into them by Artists, Engineers, Craftspeople and Designers.

In the studio or at your location, we make sure our images showcase your products.

My name is Simon Camper, I'm the founder of Lumen Photography.

Photography is both my profession and lifelong passion.

My work takes me around the UK shooting for Architects, Engineers,

Designers, Artisans and Craftspeople.

The expertise and ingenuity I see from this wide range of people

is the inspiration for Lumen Photography.

It’s always gratifying and a pleasure showing what makes their

work so special.  

At Lumen Photography professionalism and artistry go hand in hand.

We take marketing briefs and turn them into reality.

Even the most aesthetically impressive shot is inconsequential

if it doesn’t support a brand and its values.

From the logistics of the shoot to the finished images, we take care

of everything, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

On site or in our studio, we have state of the art equipment and

technology to deliver the best possible results.

Lumen Photography create portraits in the studio, on location and within

your working environment.

Besides principal portraiture, we create images to support Press & PR, Social

Media, Personal Branding and Corporate Identity.


For Interior Designers, Property Developers and Builders, a picture is worth

a thousand words, in any language.

Our experience and CSCS qualification ensure that Lumen Photography can

capture your work at every crucial stage, from start to finish.

Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Lighting and Restoration projects

should always be shown in their best light.

Lumen Photography covers every detail, from finding the right angle to

shooting at the perfect time of day.

“As soon as I finish my call with Simon, I know the job is done.”

Nick Robinson, Editor.



CSCS Cardholder


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The lumen is a unit of measurement for the brightness of light.